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Final evaluation of "10th EDF Support to Culture in Tanzania"

The following project was evaluated  "10th EDF Support to Culture in Tanzania".  The budget was EUR 10 million with two components - Component 1 (Cultural Heritage) Grants EUR 7 million and Component 2 (Creative & cultural industry) Grants EUR 2.5 Million. The balance was to cover monitoring, external evaluation, audit, visibility and contingencies.

The implementation of the action started on 14th April 2012 with the signature of the Finance Agreement between the European Commission and the Government of Tanzania. The original period of execution of the FA was 72 months after signature with 48 months for operational phase and 24 months for the closure phase. Through Addendum one to the FA, the execution period was extended to 90 months and the operational implementation phase extended to 66 months.

The overall objective of the action was the promotion of access to local culture and of culture diversity and to develop the potential contribution of cultural heritage and the creative industries to economic development and economic growth. The action had two specific objectives. The first was to support the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage in Tanzania. The second objective was to support the capacity of the cultural and creative industries.

The evaluation process was carried out in THREE phases:

  •  Inception - initial document review, stakeholder analysis, methodological design of the evaluation.

  •  Desk and Field - in depth document analysis, interview and meetings at country level.

  •  Synthesis - Final analysis, reporting

Project Details

  • Country: Tanzania
  • Region: EDF / ACP,
  • Area of competence:
    Culture > Culture
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: June 2019