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Evaluation finale du project 'appui aux action de reparation en faveur des regions touchees par les violation des droits de l'homme'

In accordance with the financing agreement of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission I project, this mission aimed to realize an independent evaluation of the programme in support to compensation measure for area affected by violation of human rights (IER I).

The specific objectives of the evaluation were the following:

• To assess the performance achieved in the IER I project in comparison with the objectives set by the financing agreement;

• To analyse the degree of inclusion of the recommendations made in the context of the mid-term evaluation of IER I project in March 2010.

The assignment required to accomplish the following tasks:

• Conduction of meeting with relevant stakeholders;

• Evaluation of the planning and formulation of the project, and analysis of the relevance of design in relation to the problems that the project intended to solve;

• Evaluation of how the activities developed within the project contributed to the achievement of expected results and the achievement of the specific objective;

• Examination of the costs allocated to the project to evaluate whether they were sufficient and properly used to achieve the various components;

• Assessment of the general management of the project, as well as of the organizational structure of the project;

• Overall assessment of the impact of the programme;

• Reporting.

Project Details

  • Country: Morocco
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: November 2013