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Mission d'Evaluation à mi parcours de la composante I du PADL II

The overall objective of the mission was to assess the progress in achieving results of the Integrated Local Development Support Programme II (PADL II), identify weaknesses, and make proposals to maximize impact and increase ownership of the project actions.

The specific objectives of the mission were the following:

• To analyse the consistency and relevance of the whole program and carry out an independent evaluation of the performance as well as a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the results of the PADL II first Component;

• To analyse the consistency, effectiveness and efficiency of the implementation of operational device component one of the PADL II, as well as evaluate the various stakeholders’ contribution in achieving the program results;

• To analyse the sum-evaluation system of the program and its coherence with the PADL GRN and propose recommendations to make it more operational and more efficient;

• To assess how actions have contributed to make appropriate responses to specific constraints.

According to the ToRs the following tasks were implemented:

• Evaluation of the first phase of the programme and formulation of a series of questions following the 5 DAC evaluation criteria used to assess the programme (relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact);

• Organisation of meetings with stakeholders and beneficiaries, and formulation of the inception report and planning of the mission;

• Meetings with different stakeholders, local authorities and beneficiaries in field missions;

• Reporting.

Project Details

  • Country: Chad
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: April 2014