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Suivi du programme d'appui à la réforme de la couverture médicale de base

The general purpose of this assignment was twofold:

• To monitor the implementation of the PARCOUM III programme and;
• To review the progress made in achieving the objectives set for each indicator included in the programme’s matrix.

The specific objectives of the mission were:

• To monitor the progress of the PARCOUM III programme;
• To evaluate the conditions and measures used for the disbursement of the various tranches of the (budget support) programme;
• To support the sectoral dialogue established with all stakeholders (Moroccan institutions and donors);
• To review the consistency and complementarity between the Basic Medical Coverage (BMC III) indicators and those proposed under the PARCOUM III programme of the ADB (African Development Bank Group).

The monitoring mission was in charge of:

• Assessing the coherence level of the health care system with the new conditions of the basic medical insurance system;
• Assessing the progress and conditions of the Mandatory Health Insurance (AMO), including the prospect solvency management agencies, National Social Security Fund (CNSS) and National Fund of Social Welfare Organizations (CNOPS);
• Assessing whether the actions implemented under the programme were consistent with the criteria and principles established in the Technical and Administrative Provisions of the financing agreement in the CMB III programme;
• Assessing the quality of management information and reporting, and the transmission of information to the relevant parties;
• Assessing whether the criteria to release the budget support tranches were met;
• Evaluating the institutional framework capacities;
• Analysing the performance monitoring system of the BMC;
• Analysing the implementation of the AMO and RAMED (Medical Assistance Scheme for the Economically Disadvantaged) monitoring system;
• Organising and facilitating a workshop with stakeholders and key decision makers on sectoral policies relating to the programme;
• Formulating recommendations.

Project Details

  • Country: Morocco
  • Region: ENPI-South,
  • Area of competence:
    Health > Basic health care
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: March 2015