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Final Evaluation of the Support to the National Planning Commission Secretariat – Capacity Development Programme

The global objective of this contract was to conduct a final evaluation of the Programme as per the provisions in the Financing Agreement (FA).

The specific objective of this contract was to provide a final assessment with sufficient information to:

• Evaluate, in view of the revision of contractual documents during project implementation, the project relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, impact, coherence and EU added value;

• Make an overall independent assessment about the performance of the programme, paying particularly attention to the impact of the programme's actions against their objectives and results as defined in the FA and contracts;

• Make recommendations for any future programme which may follow after the Programme's end.

A senior evaluation expert has been involved in the implementation of the project, carrying out the following activities:

• Organisation of meetings and consultations in the field and drafting of the Inception Report;

• Formulation of the Inception Report to stakeholders and beneficiaries;

• Review of the implementation of the programme towards the achievement of the objectives, results, outputs;

• Assessment of the impact of the programme and its supported actions;

• Assessment of the impact of the visibility actions organised and the communication products produced under the programme, and analysis of whether they were implemented according to the Communication and Visibility Manual for European Union External Actions;

• Review of the project management and organisation in terms of its efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability;

• Review of the stakeholders' participation in the management/implementation of the project, and the level of local ownership;

• Reporting.

Project Details

  • Country: Namibia
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: March 2015