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Final Evaluation of the Strengthening the National Authorising Officer System Programme and designing of Technical Cooperation Facility under EDF 11th For the Solomon Island

The overall review’s objective was to assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the Strengthening the National Authorising Officer System Programme (SNSP) and to design the 11 EDF Technical Cooperation Facility.

The specific objectives of this contract were the following:

• To undertake an evaluation (of relevance and quality of design; efficiency; effectiveness; impact; sustainability) of the SNSP to determine the extent to which the programme has attained the agreed objectives and results in the logical framework, contained in the Financing Agreements, the PEs, and the TA contract;

• To design the Technical Cooperation Facility which would support activities and capacity building in Ministry of Development Planning and Aid Coordination (NAO) and line ministries involved in implementing the 11 EDF focal sectors' programmes.

According to the Terms of Reference the project was executed in two missions and the following activities were implemented:

• Assessment of the SNSP using the broad evaluation criteria defined in the EC’s guidelines on evaluation of programmes (relevance, efficiency, impact, sustainability);

• Analysis and assessment of the integration and impact of relevant cross cutting issues in the project;

• Analysis of the strategic context of the support measures to the NAO office;

• Conduction of consultations with MDPAC/NAO-Office, other relevant Line ministries and EU Delegation on the support measures to NAO office;

• Design of the new Technical Cooperation Facility;

• Conduction of workshop on preliminary draft documents with MDPAC, NAO office and EU Delegation;

• Formulation and finalisation of the requested reports (inception, aide memoire, final);

• Formulation and finalisation of the Technical Cooperation Facility programme.

Project Details

  • Country: Solomon Islands
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: May 2015