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Evaluation of the PEGASE Programmes of direct financial support to the Palestianian Authority("PEGASE DFS") and Results Oriented Framework ("PEGASE ROF") in the period 2014-2015

The main purpose of the Evaluation of the PEGASE programmes of direct financial support to the Palestinian authority ("PEGASE dfs") and results oriented framework ("PEGASE rof") in the period 2014-2015 was twofold:


·         To assess the efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability and anticipated impact of the “PEGASE programmes of direct financial support to the Palestinian authority ("PEGASE dfs") and the prospects for its     sustainability, as well as its relevance, 

·         To provide practical recommendations for the follow up actions and lessons learned.


The main objective of the “PEGASE programmes of direct financial support to the Palestinian authority ("PEGASE dfs")” was to: to maintain the viability of the two-State solution by avoiding the fiscal collapse of the PA and sustaining basic living conditions of the whole Palestinian population (overall objective).

Through the PEGASE programmes of Direct Financial Support (PEGASE DFS), the EU has contributed substantially to the recurrent expenditures of the Palestinian national budget (over €1.9 billion spent since 2008), with systematic, predictable and unconditional contributions to the payment of salaries/pensions of PA civil servants, social allowances to the Palestinians living in poverty and medical referral to East Jerusalem Hospitals. This contributed to maintain the functioning of the Palestinian administration and the sustained delivery of essential basic services; to improve the economic opportunities of poor, vulnerable and isolated populations; and to support the PA in reducing its budget deficit and implementing its reform agenda (specific objectives).

Project Details

  • Country: West Bank and Gaza
  • Region: ENPI-East,
  • Area of competence:
    Governance > Public finance management
  • Donor organisation: European Commission
  • Start of project: May 2016