Our Framework Projects

395171 Evaluation of DCI-ASIE/2010/21-730- Support to the Afghan Public Health and Nutrition Sector Afghanistan
€ 133.925  View details
396047 Evaluation finale du projet – 2012/297-260 – " Projet d’appui à la formation continue du personnel paramédical (PARAMED)" Congo
€ 59.380  View details
395008 Evaluation du Programme d'appui sectoriel santé au Plan de Transition en République Centrafricaine – Phases 1 et 2 Central African Republic
€ 210.774  View details
395010 Ex-Post (final) External Evaluation of the EU funded project "Promotion of Rule of Law in the Kyrgyz Republic Kyrgyzstan
€ 111.660  View details
392038 Preparation of large IBM project for Ukraine Ukraine
€ 299.980  View details
391899 Mid-Term Evaluation Supporting civil society in socio-economic development at local level Egypt
€ 51.696  View details
392302 Support to civil society in Armenia on CEPA monitoring; contributing to EU programming and identifying relevant follow-up actions to recent justice system and human rights situation reviews Armenia
€ 242.110  View details
391338 Evaluation of " OPEN Neighbourhood - Media Hub: Networking, on-the-job training and Belgium
€ 109.528  View details
391322 Background Paper on the post 2020 Debate and its implications for OCTs Belgium
€ 46.488  View details
391016 Identification and Formulation mission for assistance to cooperation mechanisms at Federal and Provincial level in provinces of Balochistan and Sindh, Pakistan Pakistan
€ 109.860  View details
389454 Provision of expertise on Gender mainstreaming for the EU's Partnership Instrument Belgium
€ 296.723  View details
388942 Evaluation of EU- Community Stabilisation Programme in Kosovo Kosovo
€ 59.530  View details
388937 Evaluation of EU Support to Juvenile Justice in Kosovo Kosovo
€ 48.968  View details
387051 Evaluation finale prospective du projet PP-AP/2015/037-772:"Projet d’amélioration de la prise en charge destinée aux victimes de violence sexuelle dans l’Est de la République démocratique du Congo" Congo RDC
€ 58.076  View details
387811 PSF- Support to the EU-Mongolia Human Rights Dialogue Mongolia
€ 246.472  View details
387836 Support for Strategic Planning Office Kosovo
€ 188.642  View details
387669 Public Administration Reform in Albania: Communication and visibility Albania
€ 146.180  View details
€ 81.500  View details
384645 Conduite d'une revue fonctionnelle aupres du Ministere des Finances dans le cadre de la reforme de l'administration publique tunisienne Tunisia
€ 248.028  View details
385613 Appui à la stratégie d'intervention du Gouvernement pour la prévention et la lutte contre la corruption Comoros
€ 32.226  View details